Sunday, 6 October 2013

Finally im tall

Finally im tall? And do you want to know how I did it? What i did was i started wearing height increasing insoles (shoe lifts) and also i did some stretching exercises each morning. The height increasing insoles did boost my height instanly but i guess you could call it cheating but anyway the stretching exercises that were meant to make me taller took a long time to take effect but since doing them my posture has improved and i feel better too and not hunched down when i sit and makes me seem to have more confidence which isnt a bad thing... But it was the height increasing insoles that really rocketed my height I mean 3 inches instantly that is loads! Even my friends noticed i was taller.. mind you I forgot to tell them about the height increasing insoles thats my little secret... my friends just thought that i got taller from a really sudden growth spurt LOL little do they know haha... It is really incredible that by just having a pair of these insoles in your shoes or boots you can again so much height.... before i was quite a shy person probably because i was insecure of my height.. BUT NOW NOWAY HAVE I GOT ANYTHING TO BE SHY ABOUT!